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Recent Web Projects

Mladen Ignjatovic, rockville

Rockville Remodeling - my version

Mladen Ignjatovic, bozic law

Bozic Law - my version

Mladen Ignjatovic, it academy

IT Academy - my version front page


What I Do


I make responsive websites with UIkit framework or code things from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3/SASS. I also use jQuery and exciting new Vue.js for interactivity.


I write object-oriented PHP and use MySql for back-end support. I also have experience using Fat-Free Framework. It is powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework.


Debian Linux is my workstation OS as well a server. I know my console and can install LAMP, setup virtual hosts and do some basic server and system admin. I also use GIT as version control.

About Me

I am aspiring web developer based in Negotin,Serbia. A service-oriented professional, I always give my full energy and attention to any project in which I take part. My areas of expertise include HTML 5, CSS 3, SASS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and responsive design. I will collaborate with both individuals and companies.

More than anything else, I enjoy creating things and using my technical skills to help people reach their goals. A family man through and through,when I am not coding I'm playing with my son, Luka. Someone from whom I draw inspiration every day is Les Brown.

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